MENLO PARK, CA — Learn to Win and Pro Quick Draw are pleased to announce a partnership that will provide an integration between platforms, allowing coaches to streamline their workflows as they create, edit, and deliver playbook content to their teams.

Coaches Save Time and Create More Effective Content

The integration will automate the process of sending playbooks and presentations into the Learn to Win platform, saving coaches time as they build, organize, and deliver content.

Coaches can draw and build playbooks in Pro Quick Draw and then export image and video files into the Learn to Win content bank. Using Learn to Win’s ScreenCapture Tool, coaches can also capture game and practice content from any medium (Hudl, YouTube, XOs) and utilize it in their Pro Quick Draw content library.

“Pro Quick Draw is a powerful tool to create and organize plays,” said Learn to Win co-founder Sasha Seymore. “Coaches value their time, and by speeding up the playbook workflow with templates, advanced editing features, and auto-formatting, coaches will spend less time drawing concepts and more time on the field with their players.”

Players Learn Faster and Retain More

“As a company built by a football coach, we understand the value of teaching tools such as stunning visuals, knowledge testing, and take-away learning materials — all of which Learn to Win excels at,” says Britt Bischoff, co-founder of Pro Quick Draw. “The partnership is so powerful because it’s taking the all-important prep work of a coach drawing plays [in Pro Quick Draw] and delivering the content in the engaging learning platform Learn to Win offers.” Britt and her husband Andy Bischoff, a current NFL coach, founded the company 2018.

Coaches can build quizzes into Learn to Win to evaluate how much of the playbook materials their athletes understand. With Learn to Win’s analytics suite, coaches then use results to identify knowledge gaps on the field and reduce the chance of mental mistakes.

With the Learn to Win and Pro Quick Draw partnership, coaches and teams will receive a discount when purchasing access to both platforms.

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About Pro Quick Draw

Pro Quick Draw, based in Baltimore, Maryland, is a powerful plug-in to Visio & PowerPoint that allows football coaches to create and organize playbooks and efficiently combine scout cards and presentations. The playbook system was founded by a current coach who envisioned a list of playbook tools that no software on the market could provide. Rather than creating a program from scratch, he set to develop a plug-in to coincide with the widely-used Microsoft suite. In three years time, Pro Quick Draw has gained a following of NFL, College and High School teams aiming to cut out the busy work and spend more time coaching.

About Learn to Win

Learn to Win, based in Menlo Park, California, is an interactive, mobile-first microlearning platform that enables teams and organizations to learn more material, faster and more efficiently. Founded in 2018 by a team of Stanford graduate students, the company’s unique learning approach has transformed the training experience for athletic programs, the US military, and enterprise organizations.

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