MENLO PARK, CA — Learn To Win, a leading provider of dynamic learning tools for many athletic organizations, is delighted to announce that Baylor University is joining the Learn to Win family. The Baylor football organization will use Learn to Win’s cutting-edge cognitive software to improve their coaching instruction and game day preparation.

“Learn to Win is the future of football,” says offensive coordinator Larry Fedora. “It’s the fastest way to get your team up to speed in the preseason and the most advanced game day preparation tool out there — athletes learn faster, and coaches save time and have a better sense of what they need to coach”

With the new partnership, Learn to Win will deliver the Baylor Bears many tools to create an unmatched advantage. Their coaches and staff will now be able to create personalized lessons and quizzes that will educate and prepare their players for high intensity environments. Teams will access real-time analytics that can identify their team’s mental weaknesses and correct them before they occur on Game Day. The software is available online and on mobile devices. Learn to Win’s advanced software components will enable Baylor’s coaches and staff to teach their players outside of practices and meetings.

“We’re excited to partner with the Baylor Bears and welcome them into the Learn to Win Family,” says Learn to Win co-founder Sasha Seymore. “Coach Aranda and his staff are committed to providing the best training and instruction, and we’re thrilled to play a part in helping their goals come to fruition.”

In addition to athletic training, Learn to Win has partnered with the U.S. Air Force and Navy and is a leading innovator in high performance mental training technology. Baylor University joins prominent NCAA Division I football programs at Michigan, Michigan State, South Carolina, Mississippi, Georgia, and North Carolina as members of the Learn to Win football family.

About Learn to Win:

Learn to Win is an interactive, mobile-first microlearning platform that enables teams and organizations to learn more material, faster and more efficiently. Founded in 2018 by a team of Stanford graduate students, the company’s unique learning approach has transformed the training experience for athletic programs, the US military, and enterprise organizations.

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