The Cost of Lost Knowledge

The Cost of Lost Knowledge The days of Americans sticking with one employer for life and ending up with a gold watch are long gone. Baby boomers are retiring — and people are quitting their jobs — more frequently than ever. Current trends notwithstanding, sooner or later, every employee leaves. Smart organizations know that the […]

Flipped Learning: The Best Tool No One Uses | Learn to Win Blog

Flipped learning can be understood as a response to this question: what is the best use of face-to-face time with students, athletes or employees? Traditional instructional methods deliver new content in a group setting, often in lecture form. Learners later practice, extend, and apply lessons on their own, undertaking the most cognitively demanding work independently and typically […]

Just-In-Time Learning

Called by many names—point-of-action, point-of-need, prompter support, or just-in-time training (JITT)–just-in-time learning connects users to information at the moment of need. JITT learning is at play whenever you watch a how-to video to learn how to stop your toilet from running or read an IKEA manual to assemble your new couch. With just-in-time learning users […]

The Big Benefits of Microlearning


What is Microlearning? Microlearning is a teaching method that targets a single and/or specific learning objective using short, focused modules. In addition to active learning, microlearning increases the speed of knowledge consumption and knowledge retention efficiency. Large chunks of complex information are broken down into manageable units typically administered in a digital or flexible setting. Good […]

Customer Success Story with Coach Seideman

Eric Seideman, men's lacrosse coach

Learn to Win talked with Eric Seideman, the head men’s lacrosse coach at Mount Saint Mary College in New York, to talk about his experience using Learn to Win. Coach Seideman has been the head coach at Mount Saint Mary’s for 9 years, and has spent 16 years coaching collegiate lacrosse. Sharing Institutional Knowledge Coach Seideman […]

Integrating Spaced Repetition into Your Learning Strategies

Ebbinghaus forgetting curve

Spaced repetition, also known as spaced practice or distributed learning, is one of the most effective strategies to learn deeply and effectively. Essentially, spaced repetition spreads out learning over time, as opposed to compressing or cramming learning into a single session. Spaced repetition and microlearning principles align because they allow you to space out brief learning sessions […]

Digital Learning in a Pandemic

The pandemic has transformed the way we teach and learn. With limited, if any, in-person contact, most education and training organizations have transitioned to some type of blended or hybrid learning. Using digital tools doesn’t have to be a burden; rather, use them to your advantage to teach more effectively and increase learner engagement. In […]

Enhance Your Corporate Training By Adopting Continual Learning

Man with Laptop

We live in a digitally connected world. With the proliferation of smartphones and digital communication, learners no longer connect with static paper manuals or outdated computer-based trainings (if they ever did!). Furthermore, the generational shift occurring in workplaces exacerbates this digital shift. By 2025, millennials will comprise half of your workforce. These individuals operate on […]

Building Effective Lessons & Quizzes

Building Effective Lessons graph

The way you present information to learners impacts how well they will engage with and understand that information. Teachers are responsibility for presenting new information in clear and concise manner to help their learners get the most out of the content. In this blog post, we’ll cover some strategies for building lessons and quizzes that […]

Improving Learning Outcomes with Active Learning

Does your team struggle with learning and retaining information? There may be a better way to teach and learn, using the latest strategies in education technology and cognitive science. Do your team members have trouble memorizing pages upon pages of training documents? Reading through pages of dense material or watching long video modules reduces your […]