Digital Learning in a Pandemic

The pandemic has transformed the way we teach and learn. With limited, if any, in-person contact, most education and training organizations have transitioned to some type of blended or hybrid learning. Using digital tools doesn’t have to be a burden; rather, use them to your advantage to teach more effectively and increase learner engagement. In […]

Coach Shanahan and Learn to Win

John Shanahan

Customer Success Story with Coach Shanahan of Laguna Beach High School Learn to Win sat down with John Shanahan, the head football coach at Laguna Beach High School, to talk about his experience using the platform. Coach Shanahan first heard about Learn to Win when his quarterback played at the Orange County All-Star Game Orange […]

Building Effective Lessons & Quizzes

Building Effective Lessons graph

The way you present information to learners impacts how well they will engage with and understand that information. Teachers are responsibility for presenting new information in clear and concise manner to help their learners get the most out of the content. In this blog post, we’ll cover some strategies for building lessons and quizzes that […]

Improving Learning Outcomes with Active Learning

Does your team struggle with learning and retaining information? There may be a better way to teach and learn, using the latest strategies in education technology and cognitive science. Do your team members have trouble memorizing pages upon pages of training documents? Reading through pages of dense material or watching long video modules reduces your […]