What Is Knowledge Management? A Complete Guide

Knowledge Management Guide

What do sales teams, airfield mechanics, and professional football teams have in common? For all three, learning matters for job performance. Competitive advantage derives from the ability to respond rapidly to changing conditions. And whether you’re aware of it or not, knowledge management is the operational backbone of every learning organization. What Is Knowledge Management? […]

How to Implement Microlearning at Your Company: A Step-by-step Guide

How to Implement Microlearning

Microlearning saves you the expense and logistical headaches of gathering your team together for location-dependent training. With the right platform, your team can learn on their smartphone, tablet —  any connected device —  when and where it’s convenient for them. Smartphones are now ubiquitous, leaving many employers to wonder how to optimize employees’ time and […]

Mobile Learning: A Complete Guide

November 2020 marked a milestone in the worldwide workforce. Mobile usage surpassed desktop usage, capturing 53% of the global market share, while desktop dropped to 44%. Mobile devices are no longer strictly for communication and personal use. Today, employees rely on smartphones and tablets to collaborate, access company information, and work using company apps. For […]

Agile Learning: The Guide for Sales Leaders

Odds are, you’ve heard of agile.  Maybe a software engineer talked to you about it. Your ears may have pricked up from the obscure-sounding buzzwords: Scrum. Kanban. Hippogriff. (The first 2 are real. The last is from Harry Potter). But it would be a mistake to dismiss agile as mere tech jargon. For a sales […]

How to Design Learning for Shorter Attention Spans

“You know what the happiest animal in the world is? It’s a goldfish. It’s got a 10 second memory.”  If this is true, humans must be incredibly happy. Because, when it comes to attention spans, we are all goldfish now.  Microsoft conducted research into how our attention spans have changed during the digital age, and […]

How K. Hovnanian Homes Uses Learn to Win to Maximize the Value of Live Training

The Challenge K. Hovnanian Homes employs over 300 salespeople across the United States, and as National Training Coordinator for Sales, Courtney Carter manages training logistics for all of them. K. Hovnanian’s Sales Training team, also including Director of Training Cory Charles and Sales Coach Trainers Eric Dudley, Matt Siracusa, and Mary Sims, designs and supports […]

How Novartis broke product launch records with Learn to Win

The Challenge As Executive Director, Head of Training and Development at Novartis, Kevin Kutler is responsible for ensuring that thousands of sales reps are prepared to represent their company. New product launches can be daunting. Reps must master hundreds of pages of complex scientific information. In a regulated industry like pharmaceuticals, it’s not enough for […]

What is Disruptive Innovation and Why Is Learn To Win Disruptive?

In recent years, ‘disruptive innovation’ has become a guiding strategy for companies ranging from the whiteboard stage (early) to the ‘white hair’ stage (very mature). Disruptive innovation dictates that companies (or products) upend existing markets not by trying to out-innovate existing players to cater to high-end markets, but rather by simplifying their offerings to make […]