Learn to Win in the News for $4M Seed Funding Announcement

On January 29th, 2021, Learn to Win announced that it raised $4M in seed funding to bringlearn to win plane graphic its mobile-first, active learning platform to high-performance teams. Norwest Venture Partners led the round with participation from Pear VC and the 20|20 Fund.

This funding will be used to broaden product awareness, expand platform capabilities, and extend into new industry categories, starting with first responders and healthcare companies.


Jeff Crowe and Kathryn Weinmann from Norwest describe what led to the Venture Partners’ $4M investment into Learn to Win.

“This past year has been anything but static. Folks on the front lines are expected to react in real-time, often amid changing circumstances. For many, the stakes are high. In these moments, it can be difficult to recall what was written in a training manual or scribbled on a whiteboard. That’s why we are so excited to lead Learn to Win’s $4M seed round. The company’s active learning platform helps pilots, athletes, and business people alike stay on top of their game.”


BMNT posted an article announcing the funding release and describing the successful journey Learn to Win has been on leading up to this point.

“In the world of startups, moving fast is an advantage, but only if you are moving in the right direction. A thorough understanding of the problem you’re trying to solve and the landscape in which you’re applying it, whether it’s funding, customer acquisition, or product development, is key. For dual-use startups, this is a gargantuan task. Learn to Win, an active platform that streamlines training for high-performance teams and improves professional education in areas from athletics to the defense sector, recently learned how to navigate this complex maze.”


In her article published on Protocol, Penelope Blackwell describes the mission of Learn to Win and interviews the two co-founders Andrew Powell and Sasha Seymore about their recent funding announcement.

“Norwest invested in the belief that we could really revolutionize how teaching and learning happens starting in high-performance areas, but eventually changing the learning and technology space. And by having over 100 clients in sports and three contracts with the U.S. military, I think that we demonstrated that there is real demand for our product.”

– Andrew Powell, Learn to Win Co-Founder

(Protocol Interview)

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