Forbes writer Michael Horn covers Teddy Bridgewater of the Carolina Panthers runs for a touchdownhow the Carolina Panthers have used Learn to Win to transform how they train during a pandemic and during Matt Rhule’s first year as head coach.

With an entirely new coaching staff, a young team, and a pandemic limiting contact time, the Panthers had to devise a new teaching and learning strategy.

“In the offseason, the quizzes on Learn to Win enhanced our ability as coaches to correct what our players didn’t fully grasp within the offense. It also gave us the ability to create a competitive environment amongst the players. Learn to Win has been applied throughout the season by several coaches to correct practice mistakes and teach the weekly game plan to our players.”

– DJ Mangas, Carolina Panthers Coaching Assistant

Beyond Athletics

But education goes far beyond the classroom and football field: all organizations rely on learning from onboarding new employees to reskilling employees to meet current needs. Mobile learning, integrated with principles from the science of learning, could be the key to meeting learners where they are.

“Success often depends on well organizations train—and retrain—their biggest asset: their people. Leveraging technology to create active learning experiences that meet learners where they are—with personalized content for their learning needs—holds significant promise to advance that objective.”

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